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Peak Data Performance - ALTA

Achieve Peak Data Performance

Find the value in your data

ALTA analyzes massive amounts of data to predict market performance. We then apply unique linguistic scores to create a predictive fingerprint based on subconscious motivators.


We supply the right data for your individual needs so you can focus on your business.


Trigger desired actions

Data analytics plus cognitive science understand your audience at an individual level.

ALTA is a cognitive computing platform that hyper targets consumers. We use analytics and cognitive science to understand audience personalities at an individual level.

  • Language-based targeting
  • Verbiage recommendations
  • Variant optimization for your audience

People are the center point

People are their own ecosystems who cross industries. We enable them by focusing on:

  • Financial services
  • Consumer products
  • Political campaigns


Turn data into customer action

Beyond targeting, it’s understanding nuance with deployment.

  • Turn anonymous transactions into rich buyer profiles
  • Communicate more effectively with existing customers
  • Develop and optimize message variants
  • Hyper target based on personality
  • Deploy in your ad network or marketing automation stack

Cut through the clutter

Smarter work, not harder work

  • More data better targeting.
  • Predictive marketing personal communication 
  • All data scientists are not created equal. Experience matters.

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